1st CDEF bulletin 2022

August 21, 2022

My writings on use case of MITRE that I send to cdef.id for their (supposedly) quarterly bulletin. This would be the second time cdef published my writings (check out the first one over here).

The bulletin can be accessed here or here

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powershell base64 payload

August 17, 2022

I was doing some ‘weird jobs’, and needed to know what really is happening with this powershell base64 payload. The payload itself is nothing typically new, but I think I’ll post it here incase someone needed it, since it was pretty hard trying these resources when I needed it.

so here’s some of those powershell payload.

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DFIR tools

August 06, 2022

even with the awesome list all over github, I kept losing tracks of cool tools, so here are some of them:

(last update 11.09.2022)

in the spirit of keep updating the resources, I’m moving this post to aldosimon/dfir

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